How To Identify Issues With Your Vehicle From Just Your Exhaust

By David Sholicar

Vehicles are pretty good at making you aware if something is wrong. Here is a quick list of scenarios you may have experienced that are your exhausts way of alerting you to an issue.

Exhaust issues

Scenario 1:

Does your car sound really loud when you pull away or accelerate?

Likely Cause: The sound could be indicative of two things; either your silencer or exhaust pipe have a hole in them. The escalated noise is caused by the sound escaping out of the additional holes as well as the exhaust pipe. While the noise may not bother you, be aware that if the leak is in your exhaust it could be increasing the levels of carbon monoxide inside your vehicle too which are bad for your health.

Scenario 2:

When driving your car makes a rattling noise that sounds like metal vibrating.

Likely Cause: A rattling sound could be indicative of your exhaust being misaligned or that something is touching the exhaust or the exhaust itself is loose.

Scenario 3:

White smoke is flowing from your exhaust.

Likely Cause: If you see white smoke flowing from your exhaust then there is a good chance water or anti-freeze has entered the engine cylinder. This is indicative of your head gasket having blown.

Scenario 4:

Black smoke is flowing from your exhaust.

Likely Cause: If black smoke is pouring from your exhaust it could indicate you have an issue with your fuel pump, injection system or your engines computer.

Scenario 5:

Can you hear a hissing noise coming from your exhaust?

Likely Cause: If you can hear a hissing noise, the chances are you have a crack in your exhaust manifold, pipe or a leaking gasket.

Scenario 6:

Can you hear a chugging noise coming from your exhaust?

Likely Cause: A chugging noise usually means there is something stuck in your exhaust system somewhere.

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