How to Check Your Car's Service History

By David Sholicar

Many people purchase used cars that come without a full service history for whatever reason. However, it is often possible with a bit of effort to track down part of it if not all of it. The positive side of this is that it will possibly increase the value of your car while giving you additional peace of mind.

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If your car comes without a car service history, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with it. Service histories are lost all the time for perfectly legitimate reasons, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get them back.

Service history - what is it?

This is a history of the work carried out on the car by one or more garages over the years. This normally takes the form of stamps in a service book, which also records the mileage and the work performed on the car. More recently, many manufacturers have moved service histories onto their own computer systems which can be checked upon request. For data protection reasons, you will probably be required to show proof of ownership or, in the case of a car you are considering purchasing, confirmation from the current owner that they are happy for the dealer to release this information.

Performing a car service history check

For your own vehicle, if you don’t know where you’ve put the service history with the accompanying invoices but you know where you had the car serviced, then you can contact the garage directly. They’ll be able to locate all the relevant files on their computer system and you’ll be able to put together your missing history.
The problem occurs when you don’t know where the service took place. In this case, the best thing to do is to get in touch with the manufacturer and get as much information as you can by giving them the VIN number of the car. They’ll be able to put you in touch with the original dealer who should be able to give you information on your car if it was serviced by them.
If the car was serviced at more than one place, then this is also problematic. However, it is at least possible to get the MOT information on your vehicle from the DVLA with just the car’s registration number. The DVLA website also allows you to determine whether the car has any safety recalls outstanding or if it is stolen.

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Is it worth having a service history?

According to research, a car without a service history loses up to 26 per cent in its value compared with a car that has a service history. The average used car in the UK costs around £8000 meaning that a missing service history could cost you around £2000.
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