How To Change Your Wiper Blades

By David Sholicar

Much like tyres, batteries and exhausts, windscreen wiper blades don’t last forever. Due to natural wear and tear wiper blades need to be replaced regularly.

Wiper Blades

Signs that they are on their way out include:

  • Hardening

  • Cracking

  • Loss of Spring

  • Streaking on your windscreen

Changing your wiper blades is a simple job which you can do at home if you follow these few easy steps.

Replacing The Blade

The windscreen wiper blade consists of three parts:

  • the lower arm

  • the metal blade

  • the rubber blade


  • It is the rubber blade which clears your window from rain, snow and debris.

  • Before buying new blades from any vehicle maintenance supply store ensure you know the length they need to be.

  • You can do this with a tape measure or ruler.

Top Tip: Don’t assume both right and left blades are the same length.

Protyre provide a number of Garage Services, including replacing wiper blades. Click the button below to view our full range.

Garage Services

Once purchased ensure you have laid out which wiper is for which side. Raise the wiper blade you want to change away from the windscreen, being careful not to let it swing back. Unhook the wiper blade where the rubber wiper blade meets the metal arm with one hand whilst the other holds the wiper away from the windscreen.

Insert the new wiper, gently pivoting until the hook snaps into place. Once it hooks lay the wiper back down against windscreen. Now do the same to the other wiper.

Whilst replacing them yourself is much more cost effective then getting a mechanic to do this for you, most reputable car servicing centres will of course oblige.

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