How To Change A Bulb (Headlights, Rear Lights, Interior Lights)

By Mariana Saenzpardo

Much like light bulbs in your home, the one in your car blow from time to time. They are cheap and usually quite simple to replace. Below are quick and simple sets of instructions for replacing your headlights, rear lights and interior lights.

How to change a bulb

Buying Replacement Light Bulbs

All good automotive parts retailers will sell replacement light bulbs for your vehicle. Just match the bulb with your cars make and model.

Changing Your Headlights

To access your headlight you will need to enter through your bonnet. Lift your bonnet and secure with the stand. Once safe, look inside your bonnet and find the headlight at the front of the car. The light bulb will have three wires plugged in to it.

If there is a plastic cap holding the wires, push down on the lever to disconnect the wires. If they are held in place by a metal clip, hold and pull away to release the wires.

Once the wires have been disconnected remove the light bulb from the base. Take your new light bulb and wipe with a clean cloth to remove any residue from your hands and put it in to the base. Reattach the wires and place the light bulb holder back in its original place.

To test, turn on your headlights. If all is well, remove your bonnet stand and close the lid.

Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you

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Servicing Packages

Changing Your Rear Lights

Unlike your headlight, accessing your rear light to change the bulb can occur from the outside or inside of your car. Some lights unscrew from the outside, some you access through the boot. Use a screwdriver to loosen the rear light cover, remove the dead bulb and again wipe clean the new one and replace. You don’t need to touch the wiring in this instance. Just be sure not to pull too hard when removing the dead bulb in case you dislodge the wires.

To test simply replace the light cover, screw back into place and check your brakes to ensure the lights come on when braking.

Changing Your Interior Lights

Interior lights can be found in the door, roof and edges of a car. Replacing or upgrading your interior car lights is a little more complex than your head or rear lights, but these instructions should help walk you through it.

You will need a Phillips screw driver and gloves.

If the light cover is snap on, use the screwdriver to release it. If it is screwed on, use the screwdriver to remove the panel.

Whilst wearing the gloves, remove the light bulb to protect your hands. Depending on your car these light bulbs maybe screw in. Remove the bulb and replace with the new one then clean the light cover before replacing. To check, turn on the ignition and do which every action is need to check the lights.

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Many automotive part retailers offer a replacement service if you don’t want to do it yourself. Alternatively if your light bulbs happen to blow around the time of your MOT they will be replaced as part of the service.

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