How To Avoid Part Worn Tyres

As amazing at it seems, your car is only in contact with the road surface through a very small area when compared to the size of the car itself - each tyre has a contact area approximately the size of your hand. This small area is critical to the control you have over your vehicle but is often ignored.

Unlike oil pressure, oil level, fuel level and water temperature, which are monitored constantly with information relayed to your car's dashboard, only high-end cars have tyre pressure sensors and very few, if any, provide an indication of the depth of tread on the tyres. Such checks are left to the driver -or more likely the MOT tester - and even if you do check your tyre pressures and tread depth on a regular basis, monitoring the condition of the inner side walls is something many would neglect.


When it comes to replacing worn or damaged tyres, particularly in today's tough economic environment when every penny counts, it can seem very tempting to buy cheap part-worn tyres rather than new, particularly if you are running an older car or if it's the family's second car. This can, however, be a false economy, as well as being potentially very dangerous.

(i) Part-worn tyres need to be replaced more frequently than new ones - perhaps twice as often - as they reach the legal limit sooner;

(ii) Part-worn tyres have no history. They may have been damaged by pot holes or kerbs during normal use or have been involved in an accident. They are also very likely to have been fitted to a different make and model of car, which has different wear characteristics to yours;

(iii) Many part-worn tyres are sourced from other countries, where they have different laws regarding tread depth or even require that tyres be rotated between winter and summer types.

Protyre is the retail arm of Micheldever Tyre Services (MTS), and we pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship at competitive prices. The Micheldever Group has been trading since 1972 and has grown to become the largest independent tyre wholesaler in the United Kingdom and is highly trusted in the industry.

Protyre has a country-wide network of over 100 dealers providing a trusted and affordable way to maintain your tyres. We offer a wide range of tyres from budget to high-performance, and all come with our trust, value, care and expertise. Protyre is proud to have been recognised as the TyreSafe retailer of the year for the last four years, and as part of this independent scheme, Protyre does not sell part-worn tyres.

As mentioned above, each tyre has a contact area approximately the size of your hand. This small area is critical to the control you have over your vehicle, so why risk your and your passengers' safety by using part-worn tyres?

As a specialist tyre retailer, we at Protyre stock a huge range of tyres from all the leading manufacturers and can advise you on your best option to accommodate your driving habits as well as your budget.

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David is the National Retail Operations Manager for Protyre. One of David’s areas of responsibility and expertise is dealing with the DVSA and MOT’s for Protyre. As the Authorised Examiner Designate Manager ( AEDM ) David deals with applications for changes to the many Vehicle Testing Stations ( VTS’s) including managing the growth of the Number of MOT testing stations that Protyre operate, allocating MOT tester roles, and monitoring the MOT Test logs to ensure that Protyre MOT standards are maintained as the best in the industry. David handles the relationships with our parts suppliers to ensure that Protyre only fit the best quality servicing parts, brake parts, and other aftermarket quality parts at the right price. David is also involved in ensuring that all technicians are trained or assessed to carry out the work completed in all centres, and that Protyre has a robust Quality control ( QC) Procedure in all centres. David is also involved in developing the customer service standards and customer service training for all Protyre team members to ensure that all Protyre customers can expect the highest levels of customer service. At Protyre we believe we have the highest levels of customer service excellence that can be found, not only in the garage industry, but also when compared to other retail organisations. Another area of expertise is David’s involvement in developing Protyre Operational, Environmental, and safe working procedures. David has worked for some of the UK’s best retailers and this expertise has been a key component in helping develop Protyre into a highly respected company within the fast fit industry. David’s mission is ensuring that Protyre is the local garage that you can trust.

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