How long can you drive without an MOT?

By David Sholicar

Every good driver knows that a well-maintained vehicle is essential for road safety. At the top of this list is the MOT – a legal requirement for every car on the road aged three years and over, although much older classic cars are excluded.

Driving without MOT

By law, every qualifying vehicle must undergo a full MOT every year and if you own a car, it is down to you to ensure that it is annually examined and passes the test. It is important that before you reach your current certificate's expiry date, you book an MOT, which can be conducted a month, minus one day, before your current certificate expires without you losing out on validity dates.
A valid MOT certificate is a legal requirement. If you do not have an MOT, you cannot drive legally and you will not be able to renew your car tax, meaning that you could face some serious penalties. Currently, you could be fined up to £1000 if you take the risk of driving without a valid MOT certificate. In addition, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) remotely stores MOT data, so by driving without one, you run the risk of being prosecuted by the police.
On the whole, the MOT examines the parts of your vehicle which are classed as ‘safety critical.’ These are tested during a series of checks to ensure they meet with environmental and safety standards. At Protyre, years of experience tell us that it is wise to ensure your vehicle is always up to roadworthy standards and you should not wait until the time of an MOT to check that you are driving safely and legally.
The test itself does not take very long and if your vehicle passes, you should be back on the road the same day as the MOT. If your vehicle fails its MOT, then any repairs must be carried out and your car retested before a certificate can be issued. If your vehicle does fail, then providing it is roadworthy and any failures are for minor issues, you can drive it until its current certificate expires. If you do not have any time left on the old certificate, you can only legally drive it to a garage for repair or retesting. If the failure is severe, you cannot drive it on the public highway under any circumstances.
Here at Protyre, we offer DVSA approved MOT testing carried out by experienced professionals that are affordable and easy to book. You can even book an MOT with same day booking slots – perfect for those with a hectic schedule. Simply use our online booking form to find your local Protyre garage and book your most convenient MOT appointment.

As well as being expert MOT and servicing providers, our tyre professionals are here to help you find the perfect tyres for your vehicle. With options including Pirelli and Bridgestone through to Sumitomo and Falken, we offer tyres to suit every pocket. From premium range to mid-range and budget, we’re sure to have the right tyres for you.

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By David Sholicar
David is the National Retail Operations Manager for Protyre. One of David’s areas of responsibility and expertise is dealing with the DVSA and MOT’s for Protyre. As the Authorised Examiner Designate Manager ( AEDM ) David deals with applications for changes to the many Vehicle Testing Stations ( VTS’s) including managing the growth of the Number of MOT testing stations that Protyre operate, allocating MOT tester roles, and monitoring the MOT Test logs to ensure that Protyre MOT standards are maintained as the best in the industry.
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