Does driving speed affect a car's tyre longevity

By Adam White

People expect racing tyres to wear out faster than everyday driving tyres due to the extreme forces placed upon them by hard accelerating, braking and sharp cornering combined with little to no tread depth. However, it may come as a surprise to some that your driving speed can affect the tyre life on your own vehicle too.

Continental Tyres, who are a major tyre manufacturer and as well-known as Pirelli and Bridgestone, recommend that adopting a less aggressive driving style with slower acceleration, braking and cornering more steadily will significantly decrease tyre wear.

In our experience, driving at high speed for long durations, such as on motorway journeys, actually puts less pressure on the tyres than cruising at low speeds around towns and villages, where stopping, starting and frequent turning create greater friction on the tyres. It is widely acknowledged that tyres operate most effectively when correctly inflated and warmed up, so for drivers who perform high motorway miles, driving speed and tyre wear need not necessarily go hand in hand.

This means that if your tyres are wearing more quickly than anticipated, it may not be the speeds at which you are travelling that are to blame. Instead, you should consider having your vehicle and tyres checked by our tyre professionals to find the root cause. It may be that the tyres that you have fitted are unsuitable for the conditions in which you drive, for example, using winter tyres in warmer temperatures, or that the wheel alignment is incorrect or even as simple an issue as incorrectly inflated tyres.

We offer a free, no obligation tyre check service which can be booked online here on our website for your convenience and carried out at a local garage near you. Our qualified fitters will take the time to understand your concerns before inspecting the tyre wear patterns, checking the tread depth and air pressure and will advise as to the most likely cause for your excessive wear issues and recommend a solution. This solution could be as simple as adjusting your driving style or correctly inflating the tyres, or it could require a change of tyres to some that are more suitable for your vehicle, driving conditions and style.

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When you come to replace your tyres, you will need to decide whether longevity or comfort are more important to you. Tyres that are designed to be long-lasting are generally made from a harder rubber compound which can create a less shock-absorbing and noisier ride. Those made with a softer compound will be quieter and more comfortable but will wear out more quickly. If you typically drive long distances, you may accept that being comfortable whilst in your vehicle is worth the compromise of having to replace your tyres more frequently.

When you book a free tyre check at your local Protyre garage, you will benefit from our years of experience. We will take the time to help you choose the right tyres for your vehicle and advise on how to maintain them in the best possible condition for the longest possible time.

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