Cold temperature driver safety - switch to winter tyres

When the winter weather really begins to bite, you need to do much more than wrap up warm if you are getting behind the wheel of a car.

At this time of year, safety should be a paramount concern, with adverse weather conditions likely to prove challenging for even the most experienced of motorists.
One of the most effective options available to car owners is to switch to winter tyres, helping to minimise the degree to which the ice, snow and rain can lead to the increased risk of an accident.
So, what are your options and how should you go about changing your tyres if you are worried about driving over the coming months?

Winter tyres of all types to consider

While there are many different tyre brands which produce products for the winter season, the unifying feature of every product will be that it is designed to deliver additional traction when conditions worsen.
Of course, not all tyres are identical in their performance potential, quality or indeed the type of vehicle with which they will be compatible. Premium products from brands, such as; Bridgestone and Pirelli, are beneficial not only because they work well come rain or shine, but also because there are options available for a wider range of vehicle types.

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There are other brands available, including; Falken and Sumitomo, so you can pick a winter tyre which works with your budget but still manages to provide the right performance for the weather you expect to face.
It is worth noting that some tyres in this category will be specifically set up for use solely over the winter, while others will be all-rounders that can be left on all year. Check the specifications of any potential winter tyre purchases carefully to ensure compatibility and also to determine that you are getting the right design for your needs.

The changeover process

Most people do not have the equipment or experience to remove a tyre from a wheel rim and replace it with another at home, so you could keep a spare set of wheels that are already shod with winter-ready tyres for when the nights start to draw in.
In reality, you will find it far simpler to head to a specialist and have your tyres changed by a professional. This will be fast, inexpensive and will give you the peace of mind that will be important whenever you hit the road in cold weather.

Contact us for winter tyre deals and free checks

Protyre provides tyres for all types of weather and our years of experience tell us that getting winter-ready tyres will be worthwhile for drivers in parts of the country which are subject to particularly adverse conditions. Why not get in touch with our tyre professionals at your local Protyre garage to learn more about the benefits of buying winter-specific tyres or to request a free tyre check.
With our help, you will be able to get exactly the tyres you need and keep your car on the straight and narrow, whatever the weather decides to throw at you this year.

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