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Changing weather, tyre condition and extra load can all dramatically affect driving conditions. Why not browse through our handy driving tips before you set off on your next trip?

Can I Drive My Car Home After A Failed MOT?

Once your car reaches three years old it will need to have an MOT test carried out each year to prove that it remains safe and roadworthy. The test covers various safety features including brakes, horn, seatbelts and lights and also checks that the car is meeting the appropriate emissions standards.
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Can I drive with a flat tyre?

A flat tyre is something that most motorists will encounter at some point. As the only part of your car that is in contact with the surface of the road, tyres are essential to your safety, but this also makes them vulnerable to damage from debris.
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Cold temperature driver safety - switch to winter tyres

When the winter weather really begins to bite, you need to do much more than wrap up warm if you are getting behind the wheel of a car.
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COVID-19 What if my car breaks down?

Breakdown services have sought to reassure motorists that they will attend to them if they have a problem on the road.
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Driving your car in colder climates

With summer drawing to a close and the evenings getting darker, the temperatures will also soon be decreasing as we enter the autumn and winter. As a motorist, having an awareness of the precautions you should take when driving in colder climates can be useful in minimising your risk of breakdowns. Read on for some key tips and advice as to how you can enjoy safe and hassle-free motoring throughout the colder months.
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Getting the best performance from your air-con

When air-conditioners, heaters or climate control systems don’t work as they should, it’s not just temperature you need to worry about. Uncorrected faults can damage the compressor, leak pollutants and degrade the car’s fuel efficiency. Regular inspection of air-con systems is highly recommended.
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How far can I drive on run flat tyres?

Whilst none of us are trying to break any records for driving the longest distance on a run flat tyre, in this day and age where we all need to keep moving the question as to how long you can keep going is a valid one. With 2 million tyres fitted each year, our tyre professionals at Protyre have offered some helpful advice on just how far you can drive on run flat tyres. Read more about puncture repair.

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How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tyre - UK Laws

In the UK, there is no legal requirement to keep a spare tyre in your vehicle. The days of every car coming complete with five wheels, with the spare ready to be popped on with the help of a jack stored in your boot have long since been replaced by a host of alternatives.
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