Agricultural Services

protyre agriculture offer services to the farming sector which are carried out by our specialist team, these include:

  • Our Reliable 24-hour Breakdown Service

  • Tractor Optimisation (arranged through manufacturers)

  • Cashback Offers

24 Hour Breakdown Service

We proudly offer an exceptional 24-hour breakdown service keeping your equipment on the move.

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Agricultural breakdown trucks from the past and present. Our Blandford truck sporting the new Protyre branding.

Tractor Optimisation

Protyre Agriculture offer tractor optimisation through our respected tyre manufacturer network

From left to right: Scales in action, manufacturer sharing expertise, recording the weight

Tyre Pressure Advice

Our agriculture specialists are available to advise on the best application for all of your farming equipment. It is extremely important to seek pressure advice to ensure your tyres are operating at optimum level. For example, operating a tractor on the incorrect pressure can shorten the life of the tyre, which increases soil compaction resulting in reduction of crop yield and increased fuel consumption.

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