How to correctly raise (Jack-up) your vehicle to change your wheel to the spare

Jacking up a car is a task that seems impossible if you don't already know how to do it. However, it is an important skill for any driver.

Although garages are always willing to undertake vehicle repairs, it is sometimes necessary to change a wheel yourself. Never try to do this on a motorway. Use your mobile or a roadside emergency phone to call for help. You must then wait outside the car as far from the road as possible.

When it's safe to change the wheel yourself, you must not begin raising the vehicle until you have applied the handbrake and blocked the rear wheels to prevent the car moving. Bricks are ideal, but if you find yourself having to change a wheel on a roadside, you will have to use whatever is to hand. If there really is nothing you can use, it is sensible to try to contact a professional to come and help. If that is not an option, park as close to the kerb as possible, with the car's wheels turned inwards. If the car comes off the jack, this may be insufficient to prevent you from getting hurt, but it should stop the vehicle from rolling away and causing an accident.
Incorrect placement of the jack can damage your vehicle.

Check in the manufacturer's handbook to find the correct spot. If you don't have the handbook accessible, the information may be available on the internet. Once the jack is in place, use smooth strokes to bring the jack handle up to its highest point. Then place a pair of jack stands underneath the car on either side of the jack. Adjust them so they are a little lower than the jack itself. You can then lower the jack slightly until the car is resting safely on the jack stands. At this point you can give the car a little wobble to check it is secure. It is then time to remove the jack and prepare to change your wheel.

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