About Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto was first manufactured in Japan back in 1979, with the latest model, the eighth generation, being released late in 2014. Promoted overseas primarily as a ‘city car’, there’s no denying that this is a nippy mover, and the newest model is both lighter and has a smaller appetite for fuel than any of its earlier incarnations. The basic is the 1.0 litre 5-door hatchback, but an automatic version is also available, as well as several with different trim features. Altogether the range includes Play, 1.0 SZ, 1.0 SZ2, 1.0 SZ3, 1.0 SZ4, 1.0 SZ-L, and Cruz.

Suzuki Alto specifications

  • Price Range: Averages around £7-10,000 new
  • Engine Range: 1.0 Litre for all models
  • Size: L 3500 x W 1600 x H 1470 mm
  • Insurance Range: All versions are group 4
  • Road Tax Category: A - E

Suzuki Alto Tyre Options

Suzuki Alto’s have small tyres, generally 14”, and they are reasonably priced. A popular, 'Protyre Recommended' option for this car is the Falken Sincera SN832 Ecorun. The most popular sizes used regularly are:

  • 155/55 R14
  • 155/65 R14
  • 165/55 R14
  • 165/55 R15

New Tyres for your Suzuki Alto

If you are thinking ‘it’s time to buy new tyres for my Suzuki Alto’, we have a good range for you to choose from, including all the leading brands that you can trust, and tyres for both summer and winter, or all-season tyres if you prefer.
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