Do rising petrol prices make tyre selection more important?

Do rising petrol prices make tyre selection more important?

05 Apr

By Tom Boote

In 2019, the cost of fuel climbed to its highest price ever and although this does not make good reading for motorists, you may also be wondering; ‘what does this have to do with tyre selection?’…well, Protyre are here to help.

Recent research from has revealed that the price of petrol rose 0.8p in just a single week to 122p a litre, followed by diesel with a 0.2p increase to 130.6p per litre in the same period. These results indicate that owners of medium-sized cars should now expect to pay £70 for a full tank of petrol, or, £75 for a full tank of diesel. have released a Fuel Price Index to help consumers gauge fuel prices across the UK which is updated weekly, check it out here
Average prices of fuel from 29/03/19 – 05/04/19 in the UK
Petrol  123.1p 1.1p increase
Diesel 130.9p 0.3p increase
LPG 63.5p   No increase/decrease
Super Unleaded 133.7p 0.7p increase
Premium 142.7p 0.2p increase

How can Protyre help save you money on fuel?

Well although we don’t sell fuel, we do sell tyres...and did you know that some tyres are specifically designed to provide better fuel economy? That means more miles for your money. Fuel efficiency is graded from A to G, with ‘A’ the most efficient and ‘G’ the least. Tyres are responsible for around 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption and it is estimated that by choosing A-rated tyres, motorists could reduce this by 7.5% - that’s a huge saving on fuel and ultimately, money.
All this information is available on a tyre’s label – you can find out more on what tyre label ratings mean here. The article explains what each feature on a tyre label means and how by understanding these features consumers can help motorists make more informed decisions next time they purchase new tyres.

Check out some of the best tyres for fuel economy that Protyre stock below:

Fuel Efficiency Rating A:  
Fuel Efficiency Rating B:  
Fuel Efficiency Rating C:  

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