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A guide to the essentials of tyre valves

Tyre valves...not exactly the most exciting aspect of motoring! However, it is important to: 

• Ensure that the tyre and wheel combination on your vehicle is fitted with the appropriate valve and valve cap. Both valve and valve cap play a very important part in the tyre’s ability to maintain air pressure, tyre service-life and vehicle safety in general

• Whilst the valve does its work of allowing air in and out of the tyre as required, it deteriorates with age and should therefore be changed every time a new tyre is fitted, or if the tyre is removed for repair or examination

• Always use valve caps which have an internal seal that is in good condition. The valve cap retains the air within the tyre and also prevents dirt or grit getting into the valve. Do not over tighten the valve cap as this can damage the seal and allow any air seeping past the valve to escape from the tyre

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