Free air for your tyres

Tyres are critical for road safety and for handling and you’ll even notice the difference at the fuel pump. Surprisingly, however, relatively few people bother to keep their tyres properly inflated even when free air for tyres is available

If you don’t want to blow through a new set of Pirelli tyres a year early, or run the risk of your Falken tyres failing altogether, you need to keep them checked and properly inflated. A few minutes spent giving your tyres the once over can make the difference between road safety and a fine of £2,500 and 3 points on your license for driving with tyres in a dangerous condition.

Find the right tyre pressure

It’s not difficult to find the right tyre pressure. You should find a sticker on the driver’s door frame or inside the fuel filler cap with the correct tyre pressures. Otherwise the information will be in the owner's manual.
A tyre pressure gauge is a handy gadget to have and allows you to check tyre pressure on the go:

  • Always check the pressure when the tyres are cold
  • Remember to increase pressure when carrying heavy loads or towing
  • Don’t rely on your car’s TPMS, carry out manual checks as well

Check the air pressure

You can either buy a compressor or visit the nearest garage with free air for tyres. If you’ve been driving for a while, give the tyres a chance to cool.
It’s quite easy to check the tyre pressure yourself and to re-inflate your tyres if necessary:

  • Remove the tyre valve cap and push the tyre pressure gauge onto the valve
  • Check the reading and add air until the tyres are correctly inflated, remembering to add more air if you’re towing or have a heavy load or removing air if they’re overinflated
  • When your tyre reaches the correct pressure, replace the tyre valve cap
  • Test the remaining tyres in turn, including the spare

Visiting your Protyre garage

Checking your tyres isn’t complicated, but it can be difficult to find free air for tyres when you need it. That’s where Protyre comes in. We’re the local garage you can trust and with branches nationwide you can always find one of our tyre professionals to help.
Not sure where your local Protyre is?
No problem! Use our handy garage locator to find your nearest Protyre garage. Simply click the button be;low and enter your postcode intot he search bar:

Find My Protyre

Book in for a free tyre check and our qualified fitters will check tyre pressure as well as wear and tread depth so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your tyres are both safe and legal. If not, our tyre experts will be happy to advise you on what to do to correct the issue and can arrange for a set of new tyres for fast (sometimes same day) fitting.

Book Free Tyre Check
If you’ve checked your tyres yourself and need a new set, why not use our handy tyre finder to identify the right tyres at competitive prices.

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