What you should know about Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Most motorists know that they should keep track of the pressure in their tyres both for comfort and safety, with the added bonus that the right tyre pressure will help your tyres to wear more evenly and last longer. In addition, tyres at the right pressure consume less fuel and save you money.

However, most of us don’t give our tyres the attention they should until there is a problem. In fact, Michelin surveyed more than 20,000 UK drivers over a period of eight years to discover that more than 60 percent had their tyres inflated to the wrong pressure, and nearly 40 percent were so wrong that the situation verged on dangerous. Tyres with incorrect pressure can overheat, and handling can become unpredictable.
Tyre pressure is generally different for front tyres and those at the rear. The pressure is usually measured pounds per square inch (PSI) and the car’s manual will usually state what the correct pressure for the tyres is (though this can vary in certain conditions and if the load increases significantly). It is a really good idea to check tyre pressure frequently; however, the equipment in service stations is often inaccurate or does not function properly, so better alternatives include having your own kit to monitor tyre pressure or having regular servicing at a garage.

The Protyre network comprises more than a hundred garages around the country, so getting the pressure checked regularly by professionals is easy and convenient.

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Advantages of a professional assessment including checking the tread, identifying any bald patches and rotating the tyres. Rotating your tyres is a big job to do at home, and how they are rotated depends on whether they have directional treads, as well as the driving habits of the motorist. Front and rear tyres experience different levels of wear, and even the front tyres can wear unevenly due to the different stresses of turning left and right. At Protyre, our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff will take great care of your tyres and help you get the most from them.

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Once monitoring your own tyre pressure meant buying a little gauge that you took readings with whenever you remembered. New cars now are fitted with warning systems that alert you when the pressure gets too far from ideal. For older cars or for motorists who want constant tyre pressure readings, there are two types of monitoring systems available now that are much more sophisticated. Exterior sensors take the place of valve caps, and can probably be fitted yourself, though the weight can affect tyre balance and the valve stems. Interior sensors need to be fitted by a professional, but once in place they can give extremely accurate readings and require no further attention.
Motor experts tend to favour the internal variety, and the best ones come with backlit internal sensor screens that immediately alert the driver to any hazardous fluctuations in pressure or temperature.
If you have any questions about the pressure in your tyres or how to monitor it to extend the life of your tyres, simply give our friendly mechanics a call for advice or book a free assessment at one of our many Protyre garages.

Protyre offer free tyre checks to all customers. Click the button below to book your car in today! 

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