How to identify balancing issues with your tyres

Good tyres ensure a safe and comfortable ride. You need a good grip to ensure you can drive and stop safely, if the road is wet or greasy. You can normally feel if the car is not pulling correctly, which is why keeping a check on wheel alignment and balancing is so important

Good tyres ensure a safe and comfortable ride. You need a good grip to ensure you can drive and stop safely, if the road is wet or greasy. You can normally feel if the car is not pulling correctly, which is why keeping a check on wheel alignment and balancing is so important.

What is the difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing?

Wheel alignment involves checking the angles of the wheels and adjusting them, if necessary, so that they are at the correct angle with the road and with each other. This will maximise the life of your tyres and ensure the vehicle runs straight and does not veer to the left or right. If you feel your car is pulling to one side, then you should check the alignment. 

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Wheel balancing permits the tyres and wheels to spin without vibration. Your garage will check for any problem spots on the wheel and then balance it by placing a weight on the wheel, opposite to where the problem spot is. If you feel the seat, steering wheel or floorboards of your vehicle vibrate at certain speeds, then it is likely your wheels are out of balance.


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If you notice any of these problems with your car, it is best to consult your local Protyre garage sooner rather than later. Ignoring problems can mean the damage becomes greater or your safety is compromised. Protyre can also check wheel balancing and alignment during your annual service.

When should my car be serviced? 

No matter how many miles your car does, it should have an annual inspection. If it is over three years old, it should also have a check-up, before the MOT. Otherwise, car servicing intervals are advisable every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes up first. Regular servicing will help to maintain the value of your vehicle and spot any problems before they become major issues, which will also save money.

Should your car fail its MOT, you can also get free MOT retests if you leave the vehicle to be repaired at the MOT test centre, and it has another partial retest within 10 days. If your vehicle's MOT certificate is still valid, you can take your vehicle to your local garage for the work to be done. For certain problems, free MOT retests are given if the vehicle is returned to the same test centre before the end of the next working day.

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