Vehicle Maintenance - Why and How to Have Your Car Serviced Regularly

Whether you’ve bought a brand new or used car, regular servicing is the only way to ensure it remains in the condition you bought it, regardless of how well you look after it. What’s more, it can help you to sell it for a better price when the time comes.

Whilst it can be really tempting to cut back on the cost of a car service, the long-term benefits you’ll reap from getting your regular car servicing are worth the short-term cost.

How to Know When My Car Needs a Service

Some cars have a service light that will flash when it’s time to take your car in. If this begins flashing on your car, it’s nothing to worry about initially but it’s wise to book in for a service as soon as you can to avoid any problems from occurring, or making an existing issue worse.

However, your car light may not flash, particularly if you’ve got an older car so you just need to remember the date.

Use the experts

At Protyre we’re the local garage you can trust. With a network of over 100 garages across the country, we offer bronze, silver and gold service options to keep your car running smoothly. So don’t delay, book your service today! Click on the banner for more information on our servicing packages.

Why Does My Car Need a Service?

Importantly, it ensures your car is in good working order. The mechanic or technicians working on your vehicle will inspect your car, mechanically and electrically; having these checks will extend the longevity of your car, contributing towards retaining its value – especially if you maintain it between services.

If issues or potential hazards are spotted, these can be dealt with to prevent further damage. Financially, it’s better to foresee an issue than deal with it after something breaks.

The benefits of having a regular car service mean that your car will have a clean bill of health and you can rest assured that your vehicle is running as well as it can. A car with a clean engine is typically more efficient, giving you more miles per gallon and saving you money.

If you do go for a regular service, don’t forget to get your car’s service booklet so the garage can stamp the date the service was carried out and provide an official record of the service.

What Work Is Carried Out in a Service?

Think of it as a health check for your car. Your brakes, suspension and tyres will be checked, along with your engine, electricals and more.  Find out more on our services page by clicking the button below:

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When Should I Have a Service?

Theoretically, new cars need less work doing to them than older cars – for example, if it’s the first service on a new car, it’ll likely need just an oil and filter change. Whereas after that and as the car starts to age, more components are going to need to be changed or replaced.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what items are going to need work as each car is different, and it also depends on how often you drive it and where.

How Is a Service Different to an MOT?

An MOT is not the same as a service. If you’ve just passed your MOT, it does not mean you no longer need a service and vice versa.

An MOT is more like a safety inspection, to ensure your car is roadworthy. A service is needed to take care of the car, its parts and its fluids.

It may be frustrating to take your car to a garage twice for mechanical and technical check-ups but it’s important to have these in tandem to ensure the smooth running of your car.

Where Can I Have a Service?

It’s recommended to have your service done at a qualified garage. You can find a Protyre centre at over 140 locations. To find out where your local Protyre garage is you can use by our 'Garage Locator' by clicking the button below:

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At Protyre, we offer Servicing packages to suit all customer requirements, book yours today!

To book your service, click on the button below and get a clean bill of health for your car, with a range of service plans to choose from.

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Remember, not having a service could have an impact on your car, insurance claims and the value of the car. Avoid being caught out by having annual checks and taking good care of your car in between services.

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