About TVR Griffith

The first generation TVR Griffith launched in 1991 and stayed in production for 11 years until 2002. A two-door, two seat convertible sports car, the Griffith was originally powered by the tried and tested Rover V8 engine in 4.0 litre form. In 1993, however, a TVR-developed version of the engine with a 5.0 litre capacity was introduced and was used in a limited edition Griffith 500 model.

All Griffiths have a 5-speed gearbox, early cars having the Rover box but with the stronger Borg Warner unit used from 1994. Under the skin, the Griffith is much the same as the Chimaera but it has a different body and was produced in smaller numbers. The lightweight body comprises fibreglass panels over a tubular steel frame, making the Griffith a serious performance car with all models capable of the 0-60 mph sprint in under five seconds.
To mark the end of production, a limited run of Special Edition (SE) cars was built. Only 100 of these were made and combined the Griffith body with a Chimaera dash and seats from the Cerbera coupe. Other distinctive features of the SE are different lights and exterior mirrors and each car has a numbered plaque on the glove box, showing its build number.
However, that wasn’t the end of the Griffith story. In 2017, TVR’s new owners announced a second-generation Griffith. Designed by Gordon Murray - the man behind the McLaren F1 - it features a 5.0 litre Ford V8 and a carbon fibre, ground effect chassis. Carbon fibre and aluminium have been used throughout the car in order to reduce its weight. Inside, the Griffith is designed with minimal controls and digital instruments so as to offer minimum distractions for the driver. Production of the new Griffith is expected to begin in 2019 with an initial run of 500 cars.

Having been built in relatively small numbers, only around 3,000 across its production life, and being one of the first ‘new generation’ TVRs, the original Griffith is now a classic car that is cherished by its owners.

TVR Griffith Specifications

Price range: From £90,000 - 2019 model
Engine range: 5.0 Litre
Size (L, W, H): Variable
Insurance group: 2
Road Tax Range: K

TVR Griffith Tyre Options

As with any powerful sports car the TVR Griffith needs high-performance tyres to be able to put its power down safely. On a car that is designed for performance, having the right tyres is important and fitting cheap rubber can be a false economy. At Protyre, our tyre professionals can advise you on selecting TVR Griffith tyres to suit your needs, whether you use your car for touring or make use of its capabilities on the track.
Popular choices for TVR Griffith tyres include:

  • 215/50 ZR15
  • 205/55 ZR16
  • 245/45 ZR16
  • 235/50 ZR16

New Tyres for your TVR Griffith

When looking for new tyres, one of the first questions to consider is what type of tyres you want for your TVR Griffith. The best solution is to check the current tyres that are installed in the car so you can determine the exact size, together with the tyre model in case you want to replicate the original set up. If you like the drive of the car with its current tyre choice, you can try to find the same tyres again. Alternatively, our tyre experts will be happy to advise.

It is a simple process to find the size of your current TVR Griffith tyres; you will be able to find the size information stamped on the sidewall of the current tyres. Our tyre professionals are always happy to discuss your options so that you know what is involved, including the costs of fitting and how to select the right tyres. Manufacturers include Falken, GT Radial, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental and Goodyear.

Browse our tyres for your TVR Griffith now. Protyre also provides quality servicing and MOTs for your TVR Griffith.