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Cheap Car and 4x4 Tyres: Buy Online

Premium vs. budget

Wet stopping: At 50mph the stopping distance can be up to 8 metres less when compared to a budget tyre.

Wet handling: Premium tyres guarantee to handle at its best on a wet road. Budget tyres do not demonstrate as safer handling.

Green & Fuel Efficiency: Premium manufacturers are at the forefront of Green Technology and use less fuel and CO2 emissions.

Weight: The weight of a premium tyre is up to 15% less, resulting in significant fuel savings.

Lower Noise Levels: Premium tyres guarantee a journey with minimal noise and compliance with all EU regulations.

Latest Technology: Budget tyres use the technology of old premium tyres. Premium tyres invest their time in developing and using new technology to maximise the vehicles performance.


Premium vs. Budget Tyres

Budget tyres will save you money, but can comprimise your vehicle's safety...

Budget tyres will save money, however at Protyre we believe this is false economy and can potentially compromise your vehicle's safety. A premium tyre will deliver better performance and a longer lasting tyre, saving you money in the long term. You can never economise on your safety.

You can buy all leading Premium brands online or in store from Protyre, including: Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. If you have any questions about Premium tyres, please ask your local Protyre centre.

The benefits of premium tyres over budget tyres are explained in this short video.

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